Shell Servers

This is our oldest shell server. Originally, Eskimo North started as a single line computer bulletin board system in 1982. It grew into a Unix TimeShare service in 1985, initially using the Xenix operating system. That system maxed out with 4MB of RAM, an 8Mhz 68000, 2 70MB ST-506 type hard drives, and 11 serial ports connected to modems for dial-up lines.

When we outgrew that system, I purchased a used Sun 3/180 (16Mhz 68020 16MB of RAM, 2 575MB Super Eagles, 48 serial ports) system to replace it. When we connected to the Internet in 1992 and began offering Internet services, this server became Over time I upgraded it to a Sun 3/280 (25 Mhz 68020), then a Sun 4/280 (40 Mhz Sparc), then a Sun 4/670MP (4 x 40 Mhz Sparc), and eventually an SS-10 with Ross RTK-125 Hypersparc CPU's (2 x 125 Mhz Sparc), and that is what it remains today for so long as the hardware holds up. I'm attempting to get Qemu to emulate Sparc-32 hardware and run SunOS so that I can keep the legacy applications going for nostalgic reasons.

This machine has a bunch of old BSD games like Rogue, Hack, Adventure, Trek, Phantasia, and a lot of early utilities like the Zoo archiver. It has both gcc and a K&R C compiler, cc. It runs SunOS 4.1.4 which is a BSD derived OS with System-V extensions and some Sun specific extensions (like an X server with Postscript built in to it).

There are a variety of shell based mail programs like mutt, elm, pine, and BSD mail, many old command line based news readers, and other tools. Note, some of the news readers no longer work because they require direct access to the news spool and we now outsource our news service. Those that support NNTP (like trn, nn, and tin) still work.

If you sign up for a shell account here, you get access to all the shell servers and your files and mail are the same across the lot so you can use different machines for different tasks.
This server is a virtual machine running on an Intel i7-2600 based system. The physical box has 32GB of RAM of which 8GB is allocated to this server. This machine is running Scientific Linux 6.4. It has many additional libraries and applications from additional Enterprise Linux related repositories. This server is very similiar to Shellx but brings some newer capabilities owing to better compatibility between the Scientific Linux and Enterprise Linux applications and libraries.
This server is a virtual machine running on an Intel i7-2600 based system. The physical box has 32GB of RAM of which 12GB is allocated to this shell server. Both the host machine and this guest are running CentOS 6.5 Linux. The hypervisor is Qemu/KVM. I played with Xen but did not find any significant performance gains over Qemu/KVM and the latter was a lot more flexible.

This shell server brings a lot of new capabilities to our customers. The option of using a graphical environment, either KDE or Gnome Desktops, an integrated software development environment, Eclipse, Office Productivity Software (both OpenOffice and LibreOffice), and a huge assortment of software, graphics, and text development tools. This machine is still a work in progress but there is a lot of useful tools present now and it is available for customers use. If you want to run a Moo or a Mud or an IRC bot, or MMORPG server, this would be the machine to use.
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