Remote Desktop using No Machine 4.0 Client/Player

No Machine 4.0 NX Client / Player

The No Machine NX client allows you to have a secure remote desktop even with a dial-up modem. With DSL or a cable modem connection, it comes close to physically being at the console. It is available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. It does not require an X-server or other special software. It is free.

This works on shellx, scientific, centos7, scientific7, fedora20, and opensuse. For the Debian based servers, debian, ubuntu, and mint, it is necessary to use X2Go. Different desktops are available on different servers. It does not work on the old server because the freenx server software is unavailable for SunOS 4.1.4. Even if it were, graphical software requires the capabilities of a modern machine for reasonable performance.

  1. Download the free 4.0 nx client / player from the No Machine website.

  2. The first time you start the 4.0 nx client / player, if there are no existing connections, you will see a screen like this. Click on the little computer with the '+' symbol to add a computer.

    An image of
the nx 4.0 client / player start-up screen.
  3. Fill in the Name box with a Connection name such as "Eskimo" or "Shellx". This is just a name for you to know where you are connecting.

    Select "ssh" for the protocol.

    Fill in the Host box with "".

    The port should be "22". It should set this automatically when you select "ssh" as the protocol.

    After you've filled this in click on: Advanced

    This screen prompts for host and protocol information.
  4. You will now be asked how you want to authenticate. The server we are using here is based upon 3.5, so choose the second method, "Use the NoMachine login".

    Do not check the "Use HTTP Proxy" box unless you actually must connect through an HTTP proxy server. We have not tested this functionality.

screen prompts for System or NoMachine login.
  5. Click on Continue

  6. Click on: Connect

    The second nx connection wizard dialogue screen with values filled 
  7. Type in your login and password.

    If you are on a non-shared secured computer, check the "Save this password in the configuration file" box.

    Click on: Ok

    The nx connection screen.
  8. Click on "<New virtual desktop or custom session>".

    The configure subscreen portion of the nx connection screen.
  9. For Shellx and Scientific, select either Gnome or KDE Desktop depending upon your preference.

    For Scientific7, Centos7, or Fedora20, select either KDE Desktop or Custom Session. If you select Custom Session, specify the "Run the specified command" and fill in the command "mate-session" and select "Run the command in a virtual desktop."

    On OpenSuse, only KDE works.

    Gnome does not work on these machines because it is Gnome3 and uses a compositing desktop manager that is incompatible with NX and X2Go. However, Mate is a fork of Gnome2 that is functionally identical.

    Select a Desktop in this screen.
  10. The 4.0 player is not 100% reliable when connecting to 3.5 based servers. Sometimes you will get an error like the one below. This is only one of many possible errors.

    If it fails, just click OK and reselect the session and try to connect again.

    I have found it helpful to wait 2-3 seconds between selecting the session and connecting.

    The connect 
configure subscreen confirmation box.
  11. A successful connection will bring up a desktop. It will take several seconds and fade in. You will not get the big red and white "!M" like you did with NX 3.5 client.

    Gnome desktop.
  12. Enjoy! To end the session and logout, click on your username in the upper right hand portion of the screen.

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