56K Dial Backup

Service Details

Eskimo North Dial Backup Internet Access service is a dial-up service intended to provide emergency connectivity when your primary mode of connectivity fails.

Since this is intended to provide backup connectivity, there are no host services such as e-mail, news, or web hosting provided with this type of account. If you have your primary connectivity through us, the host services associated with that account will be accessible via the Dial Backup service.

This account type is limited to 40 hours of usage per month. If you have usage demands that exceed this please see our regular 56k dial internet access service.

This service is available only on the GlobalPOP Network Numbers. To see if a number is available in your area, click on the state. If the number shown for your location is not GlobalPOP, then click on that city and it will show a list of alternate numbers available at that location. If any of these numbers are GlobalPOP, then the service is available at your location.

US Dollars One Month Three Months Six Months One Year
Auto Pay $3.99 $10 $19 $36

Payment is in US funds by automatic card billing. Billing dates will be on the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual anniversery of the setup date. E-mail receipts will be sent to the e-mail address you provide during setup.

Free Two Week Trial

We offer a free two-week trial so that you can see how our service will perform for you before you shell out any hard earned cash.

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