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Free Stuff (more)

     Still have some free stuff that nobody has claimed, and some that I hadn't
previously offered up:

     Item #1 & 2 (I have two of these)

     Sun 4/3xx series 9U 192MB memory board.  This board has six banks of SIMMS
that may be populated with 4MB 34-pin SIMMS, I believe 100ns will work although
I had 80ns SIMMS in this at one time.

     This board is not populated with SIMMS at present (though I do have some
4MB SIMMS, I need to hang onto a few for spares for 4/670MP, but could give up
a few), but I definitely don't have 192MB worth to give up.

     This board is not defective, it was working when taken out of service, but
was taken out of service because I didn't have enough card slots to accomodate
a 9U memory board and a 9U graphics card on a Sun 3/330 simultaneously and I
had a bunch of 3U and 6U memory boards I could use with it instead and so did.

     Item #4

     Royfax Bond Copier 115 copier.  This has a paper feeding problem and needs
manual help in it's present state.  Comes with copier cabinet and a lot of
toner.  Bill's friend has first dibs if he wants it but I've been absolutely
unable to contact him by phone.
     Bring at least four large strong individuals to move this.  We moved with
three people but my back told me about it for several days afterwards.

     Items 15 & 16

     I have a couple of Chrysler/Dodge rear-ends from '73 vintage vehicles, one
has 2.32:1 ratio and one has 2.73:1 ratio.  As far as I know both are good. 
The 2.73:1 I had obtained in a trade a while back and was going to put it in my
Polara, but I sold it so no longer have a use for it.  The other I got out of a
'73 New Yorker parts car, but seeing as I have 3.5:1 gears in mine now I don't
have a use for it. 

     I just want to get rid of them now so anyone that will haul them off is
welcome to them.

     Item 17

     Sears electric mower, defective power switch.  It shot sparks out for a
while then died entirely.  To the best of my knowledge the motor and the rest
of the unit are still good, so just replacing the switch is probably all that
is necessary to have a functional electric mower.