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Special Offer - Extra Space for Web Hosting with 1/2yr subs

     Happy St. Patrick's Day Web Hosting Special

            (Good through March 31, 2000)

     Through the end of March 2000, with the purchase of a one-year remote
shell, 56k dial-up or ISDN subscription, you get DOUBLE the normal disk quota

     If you purchase a two-year subscription you get 50MB quota!

     If you purchase a two-year virtual domain subscription, you get an extra
10MB disk quota with each domain you purchase, even if there are multiple
domains mapped to the login. 

     Web Hosting includes an SSL secure server, and the ability to run your
own CGI programs, and other features.

	Please see:
			... for info on remote shell accounts ...
			... for info on 56k and ISDN accounts ...
			... for info on Virtual Domains ...
				- AND -
			... for info on Web Hosting ...

     There are several reasons I am making this offer:

	1) To be flatly honest I have an unexpectantly high state tax bill
	   to pay and need to raise some additional income to cover this

	2) We've recently doubled the amount of user space and I want to make
	   that available and encourage creative web sites.  You guys and gals
	   come up with such cool stuff but I know some of you are cramped for

	3) The overhead of doing accounting on short-term subscriptions eats
	   a significant portion of my time, longer term subscriptions make
	   my work load more managable.

	4) I want to get an idea of how important the amount of disk space is
	   in terms of the attractiveness of these account types, so how much
	   this influences sales over the next couple of weeks will influence
	   long term policy with respect to standard disk quota included.

	5) I want to make hosting domains here more attractive, and so by
	   including additional space with virtual domains I am hoping it will
	   be more attractive for people hosting multiple domains.

	6) It has become obvious that a lot of people are not even aware that
	   an SSL server exists here.  So I want to bring that to your