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Dial Plan A Upgrade and Sale!

     We're going to be adding a second set of access numbers to dial plan A, in
addition to Qwest, Star2 numbers (another port wholesaler) will be added to
this dial plan so that more locations will be available and in most locations
there will be redundancy. 

     I am on good terms with the owner of these POPs and know that if any
technical issues do arise they will be resolved promptly so when these become
available, I'd really encourage people to try them. 

     And now the sale part!

     Between now and August 15th, two-year dial plan A subscriptions for $240! 
That works out to a measly $10/month over a two-year period if paid in a lump
sum.  And you get 110MB of disk quota with that and all the usual stuff!

     This is ONLY for dial plan A; but is available to those of you who would
be willing to switch from dial plan B or E.