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     On the DSL arena, I've been trying to configure the DSL equipment here and
have run into a few difficulties.  First I had problems with the communications
between it and the communications server.  It would garble data badly, and the
farther you went the worse it would garble it.  I finally ended up getting it
to talk reasonably reliably at 1200 baud on the control port.  Slow but it

     Then I couldn't get it to see the ATM switch.  Good pulses on the T1 but
no cells.  Telco guy in the DSL side of the house assured me that the ATM
switch was enabled and should talk. 

     Well finally it occurred to me to check the circuit numbers to make sure
I'm really connected to the right circuit.  They did install a T1 to the wrong
central office originally, then installed another supposedly to the correct
location, jacks were moved, etc. 

     Come to find out they don't have their end of the circuit connected to the
ATM switch which explains why I'm not seeing ATM cells, so they are telling me
five business days to correct that.