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Dial Access Sale...

     The Dial Access Sale we had back in August was popular.  Sales during
September have been weak.  And..  We now can provide DUAL channel access on
Qwest and StarPOP and so have created a new dial plan F for this combination. 

     So here's what I'm going to do...

     I'm reviving the August Dial Access Sale, 2-years $240 dial plan A. 
That's a single channel analog access or a single channel ISDN connection for
just $10/month if you pay for two years at a time before the end of October. 

     In addition, I'm going to offer 2-years of DUAL channel connectivity for
$480.  Dual channel analog 112k connectivity (MLP) or dual channel ISDN for
just $20/month if you pay for two years at a time before the end of October.

     And both of these include all the normal goodies.  Web hosting under our
domain (and you can have it under your domain if you also purchase a virtual
domain), 110MB of disk space, and all the normal shell tools and toys. 

     So for those of you who procrastinated until August was gone, or maybe you
were on vacation an came back to find you had just missed a good sale, here's
your second chance. 

     If you're currently on dial plan B or D and wonder what will be required
to change, you will need to change the dialup username, password, and access
number in your dial-up networking entry and normally that's it. 

     If you're still on MegaPOP only, you will also need to change your
outgoing SMTP mail server settings from to 

     If you have time remaining on your existing account, to take advantage of
this sale you have to be willing to switch to the new dialups right away,
actually you'll be given about a week to make the switch.  Your new expiration
date will be two years out from whatever your present day expiration date is. 
You won't get extra credit for the conversion, it will just be two years added
on to the existing expire date. 

     So if for example your present expiration date is March 3, 2002, your new
expire date would be March 3, 2004.