Eskimo North

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User Meeting 10/21/2001

     The next Eskimo North users meeting will be October 21, 2001 at Ballard
Godfathers at 2:30 PM.

     This is located on 15th NW between 61st and 62nd ST NW in the Ballard
neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

     Coming from north of Seattle via I-5, take the 80th St N exit and head
west to 15th NW.  Turn left (south bound) on 15th NW, Godfathers will be on the
left side of the street). 

     Coming from the South on I-5, take the 50th St. Exit and go west.  When
you get to the five-way intersection with greenlake way, continue on the 4-lane
street at a slight left (not the hard left) that goes up and under Aurora. 

     Stay in the right lane else you will be forced onto Aurora, then keep
going over the hill.  The road will go to the right at an angle down the hill,
keep going, it will continue west at the bottom of the hill, keep going until
you get to 15th NW.  Then turn right and between 61st and 62nd Godfathers will
be on the right hand side. 

     Once there, go to the left when you enter, past the counter, salad bar,
restrooms, etc, to the section of the restaurant farthest from 15th NW, and in
that back section generally we congregate towards the side away from the
pinball, video, and TV, as these things tend to be noisey and make it difficult
to converse. 

     No specific topic planned, but if you're interested in how to make your
website get indexed on search engines, I'd be especially interested in your
questions as I am working on a web page to address that topic and that will
help me know what all I need to include.