Eskimo North

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Sale / Rate Change

     In order to take advantage of the two-year dial plan A for $240, or
the two-year dial plan F dual for $480, your payment must be post-marked by
October 31 (halloween).

     Also, at the end of this month I am going to increase the rates for
remote shell accounts and short term dial plan B, D, E, F, and H rates
(for terms shorter than one year) so if you want to take advantage of the
existing rates, you need to do so before the end of the month.

     In 2000, I took an approximately $30,000 loss.  The rate adjustments we
made in May of this year helped, but not quite enough.

     Since Sept 11, I've seen a dramatic increase in short term verses long
term payments, and what this means is we get less money in the short term and
I send up spending all day doing accounting and have no time to do anything
else, nor money.

     There are things I want to do, such as put together a new news server,
make mail and news and chat available on the web, amoung other things, and
can't do that without time or money so some rate adjustments are going to
happen at the end of this month.  The increases are going to come primarily in
the short term rates with the exception of shell which will be approximately
$2/month increase across the board. 

     I would prefer to operate on a small margin with a larger userbase, but
the latter just isn't happening.  Letting other people know about our services
will help at keeping rates reasonable in the long term.