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End of Year Sale, 20th Anniversery, Need to find New Meeting Place

     First, the sale:

     We're having an end of year sale on just about everything, dial access,
shell accounts, web hosting, etc, for any two-year subscription.  For details
please see:

     20th Anniversery Quandry:

     This january will mark the 20th anniversery of the start of a BBS that
eventually grew into Eskimo North.

     Originally started on a model III Trs-80 with 48k of RAM and two 140k
floppies and a 300 baud modem as "Soft Touch Information Exchange", so called
because the data telphone number I had installed was assigned the number
527-7638 which spells out 527-soft, and because it was one of the early systems
to take a single keystroke and go do something without requiring an <enter> key

     It was re-named Eskimo North as the result of a collaboration with Glenn
Gorman to adapt Minibin and my host software to each other so they could be
sold as a commercial package.  At that point I ran Minibin software and having
two different systems with the same name was confusing to many people and so
the name change came about. 

     I don't really have any outstanding ideas for what to do but I feel we
should do something to commemorate twenty years so I'm looking for suggestions,
especially from folks that were around during the early days. 

     The Meeting Place Delima:

     As many of you know we've been holding monthly meetings at the Ballard
Godfathers on 15th Ave NW and 62nd ST in Ballard the third sunday of the month
for many years.  There wasn't one last month and there won't be in December. 
But we'll need to find a new place come January because Ballard Godfathers has
gone out of business. 

     I'm looking for suggestions for replacement.  I would prefer somewhere
food and drink is available to a dry stuffy location like a library meeting
room.  Some place with good bus access would be preferable as some folks that
attend don't drive. 

     The difficulty is that most places with decent food and reasonably
accessible tend to be crammed.  So if you know of any place that is good and
accessible but relatively undiscovered and would put up with us let me know!