Eskimo North

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New Meeting Place

     The next Eskimo North users meeting will be on January 20, 2002,
at 2:30PM.

     We have a new meeting location to try at least this time around and see
how it works since Ballard Godfathers is dead and gone.

     Note this is 15th NE not NW.

     Driving instructions:

     Coming from either the north or south take the 145th NE exit from I-5 and
go east bound on 145th, or if coming via Aurora head east on 145th from Aurora.

     Turn left (northbound) on 15th NE and it's just a couple of blocks up on
the right hand side.  They've got reasonably decent Pizza and they also have
beer and wine and various pasta and salads. 

     We'll either use the private room in the back or the portion farthest from
15th if that is otherwise occupied. 

     I spoke with the owner today (who enlightened me with respect to the
difference between Greek and Italian style Pizza, they have Greek style raised
bread crust) and he would be happy to have our business.  No booth or seat
charges and very pleasant staff.

     If you're coming by bus, you can take the 78, 314, or 377 which stop right
in front of it, or you can take the 73 or 77 which stop on the south side of
145th and 15th and then walk two blocks north. 

     It's about ten blocks east of the park-and-ride on 145th NE, so if you're
willing to hike a mile or so anything that goes through that park and ride will
get you that close.