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Sprint disconnects from part of Internet

     Sprint has shut-off peering with part of the Internet.

     This is the reason Telia dialups can't get to our hosts which are
connected to the Internet, or that part of it to which Sprint still talks,
using Sprint T1's. 

     I don't know exactly who it is Sprint is not peering with and the
full extent of the impact. 

     Sprint has decided that the backbone used to provide connectivity for
Telia dialups should pay to peer with them and damn all the end users if
they won't.  In my view this is unethical.

     The Internet is a network-of-networks and it's value to the end user
is that you can get from any point on the net to any other point.  If
large carriers are successful at charging money for smaller carriers to
peer with them and cut them off when they refuse, it destroys the whole
concept of an Internet.

     If you're a Sprint customer, you should be angry.  This action means
you can no longer reach portions of the Internet.  We can't reach portions
of the Internet, specifically Telia dialups and whatever else is affected
and I am angry.  I don't pay Sprint for access to part of the Internet
that will pay them for peering, I pay Sprint for access to the WHOLE

     I am working on getting alternate backbone connectivity here so that
we can restore connectivity to those portions of the Internet which Sprint
has decided to isolate.

     I don't know at this point if we are going to just multihome or
replace Sprint altogether.  A lot depends on whether they come to a
sensible resolution to this problem soon or not.  Right now I have
escalated this to the Director level at Sprint. 

     I'm still trying to get in touch with an attorney to find out what
options we have in terms of forcing the issue through legal channels
and/or recovering damages. 

     If you're a customer of ours using Telia for access, if you want we
will switch you to another dial access provider at no charge provided
there is another POP local to you that will work.

     We are talking to Epoch ( 1 (888) 773-7624 about
alternate connectivity.  My feeling is if Sprint does this to Telia, it's
only a matter of time until they stop peering with other backbones that
won't pay to peer with them.  Epoch's stated policy is to peer at no
charge.  I would be curious to hear from others that use them. 

     I'm really saddened by this.  I've been a customer of Sprint's since
1995, and other than billing snafu's they've been a really good company to
be with, until this event, and I can't say for sure that I haven't just
gotten a few rotten apples, I'm still working my way up the ladder. 

     If you are a customer of Sprint, please make your displeasure known
to them.

     If anybody has altenative connectivity and connection into Qwests
frame relay cloud in Western Washington I would be extremely interested in
talking to you to see if we can arrange some short term connectivity to
restore the ability of Telia customers to talk to our hosts.

     I also need to find some cables for a 3Com Netbuilder II router.  I
need to find the cables that go from the "FlexWan" connectors coming off
the octopus cable that connects to a 4-port HSSI card to V.35 connectors
to attach to CSU/DSU's and I need to find an octopus cable for same.  I
have plenty of cards, just missing the cables to connect them up and I
need this in order to accomodate a 4th T1 so that we have some non-Sprint
connectivity that will talk to the peers that they won't.

     If you're unable to reach any of the hosts at,,
or other domains here it is likely related to this issue. 

     I just wanted our customers to be aware of what has caused this
problem and what we're doing to resolve it.

     I wanted other Internet users to know why they may not be able to
reach our hosts.

     I wanted other SprintLink customers to know what Sprint's doing to
them and hope that they will help pursuade Sprint to reach a reasonable
and speedy resolution.

     And I want Sprint to know this is hurting their customers and ultimately
it will hurt them as their customers are forced to find fully functional
connectivity elsewhere.

     This really sucks.