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Eskimo North Users Meeting - 20th Anniversery

     Tomorrow, Sunday January 20th, we'll be having our monthly user meeting
after skipping Nov/Dec, at a new location.  The old Ballard Godfathers is dead,
no longer in business.

     This month we'll be meeting at Demetre's Pizza and will be in the banquet
room.  Please not that they add a 15% gratuity fee to the menu price for
parties in that room, so be aware of that. 

     The address is 14724 15th Ave Northeast.  This is on 15th NE just north of
the Seattle city limit.  If you are coming via I-5, either north or south
bound, take the 145th NE exit and go east on 145th to 15th NE, turn left on
15th NE, and about half a block on the right (east) side of 15th is where it's

     If you're coming via bus, routes 78, 377, and 314 stop right in front of
the restaurant.  Routes 73 and 77 stop at 145th and 15th on the south side of
the intersection, about a half block walk north from there to the restaurant.

     The meeting starts at 2:30 and ends when everybody leaves or at 6:30 if
someone else has the room (I have it reserved 2:30-6:30pm), we can always move
out into the main area if that is the case.

     The Pizza is decent at this place, the owner also cooks there.

     This month is also our 20th anniversery, actually I started a BBS called
STIX (soft-touch information exchange), so called originally because of the way
you'd hit a single character to select a menu item intead of waiting for a
return afterwards which was common in the day.  We switched to Eskimo North
shortly after starting a project with Glenn Gorman to make Minibin and my host
program work with each other. 

     I'd really love to see a good turn out, especially some of you folks that
have been with us for a time.

     I'd also like to hear from people with respect to the potential to change
from Sundays to Saturdays.  Sundays is conflicting with some other things we