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Dial Plan A Outage - Further Information

     We are having problems getting changes made that are necessary to have
another network replace FlexPOP to provide services for dial plan A users.

     I am becomming pessimistic about this being resolved rapidly.
Consequently in order to get customers back into service as soon as possible
we are moving customers to other dial plans, D, C, and B (Telia, MegaPOP, and
UUNET) respectively.

     If you are able to read this and are still out of service, or know someone
who is, we need your name, e-mail address here, telephone number, dialup
username, and the number you were previously calling is also helpful. 

     If you have access to e-mail and can do that, that's preferable to
telephone as the voice mail doesn't hold enough messages and rapidly fills up.
If we can get back to you by e-mail somewhere that is also helpful.