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SMTP / Mail

     We've been doing some work today that has caused some interruptions in
the ability to send outgoing mail.

     The following discussion is somewhat technical, those of you who are not
interested in the gory details might want to skip the rest...

     I apologize for these interruptions, they were unanticipated.  What we are
doing is bringing new Linux-based mail servers online that will replace old
servers providing more capacity and retiring servers running on the SunOS

     There some compatibility problems between Sun's implimentation of NIS
(Network Information Service used to transmit information such as username to
UID mapping between machines) and Linux's imlimentation and we are still
working out those bugs on the new servers.

     Moving toward an all-Linux platform for mail is part of a long-term
project to move everything to Linux and retire all of the SunOS based servers
(except that one Linux box will have SunOS emulation enabled to act as a shell
server and support legacy applications).

     Getting mail moved over is particularly important because spammers are
saturating the existing servers and more capacity is required.  Moving to Linux
will enable us to install some better tools for dealing with spam, such as Spam
assasine and some new capabilities present in newer versions of sendmail in
addition to providing more capacity.  The stability of the platforms we are
moving to is also better.