Eskimo North

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Maintenance Activity IP change for server...

     The maintenace activity to change the IP address on one server is
completed.  It took a bit longer than anticipated as eskimo, ultra5, and ultra6
would not unmount the exported file system in spite of the fact that I killed
all of the processes I could find using it.

     Consequently, it was necessary to reboot those machines and because they
could not unmount when rebooting, it took a long time before they timed out
and booted.

     I did not turn down eskimo and install a disk because one of the drives I
was going to use bit the dust while attempting to format, partition, and
generally get it ready for service.

     I need to find some 40-pin 3-1/2 inch half-height SCSI disks at least 4GB,
and 9GB is plenty for eskimo.  Eventually, it will be replaced by an Ultra
running Linux doing SunOS emulation, but for now I need to keep the hardware
alive.  Practically all new SCSI disks are 68-pin or 80-pin SCA, the old 40-pin
stuff is hard to find.