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Re: Chinese III Anyone?

     Boy I screwed up big time on the last post.  I posted the instructors
e-mail instead of mine, major brain fart.  I hope I don't cause him a lot of
spam.  Anyway, MY e-mail address is  Please contact me if
you are interested.

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Nanook wrote:

> Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 18:11:19 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Nanook <>
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> Newsgroups: seattle.general, lobby
> Subject: Chinese III Anyone?
> Resent-Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 18:11:28 -0700
> Resent-From:
>      Chinese III anyone?
>      My wife and I are currently learning Chinese.  We started with an
> introductory coarse at North Seattle Community Colledge, and then took
> Chinese I and II at Cascadia.
>      Chinese III will only be offered at Cascadia if there is a minimum of
> five students and right now we have only four that are going to sign up 
> for sure.
>      People interested should have 40-60 hours of Chinese class already.
>      The classes are held at the Cascadia/UW Bothell Campus, presently
> wednesdays 7-9PM but after Sept 29, that will need to be reschedualed 
> because Chinese I will start taught by the same instructure.  Most likely
> the class will be reschedualed to Fridays at that time IF we can find at
> least one more person interested so we can continue.
>      The class is easy to reach, it's right near the Beardslee exit off of
> I-405, so it can be reached easily from 405, I-5, Bothell Way.  Parking is
> $1/day at a covered garage facility.
>      The instructor is Hongen Yao.  He is a native Chinese speaker and a
> very patient and motivational individual who creates a comfortable
> environment in spite of the small class size.
>      The small class size means you'll get a lot more personal attention 
> and practice than you might get at a larger university setting.
>      The class is using the text book, "Integrated Chinese, 2002, Cheng &
> Tsui Company".
>      The tuition is $150, which if you check on what BCC or UW want, 
> you'll see is quite a bargain, especially given the small class size.
>      My e-mail is, if interested, please e-mail me with
> contact info so we let the instructor know we've got a fifth interested
> person.
>      This class is not in the Cascadia catalog and won't be because they
> didn't know at time of printing if there would be enough interest and 
> still don't know.  Right now we have four people who want to continue, we
> need a fifth to have a class.