Eskimo North

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Web Mail

     You can now access your Eskimo North e-mail via the web!

     Please note that this does not replace existing mail facilities, you
can still access your mail via a pop-3 or imap e-mail account or from the
shell mailers such as Pine, Elm, etc.

     It is important that you do not access your e-mail via two different
methods simultaneously or mail inbox corruption can result.

     To access your mail via the web, go to Eskimo North home page:

     And under Web Applications, click on "Web Mail".

     It will prompt for your login and password, this is the same login
and password that you use for a pop-3 e-mail client such as Outlook,
Eudora or Pegasus.

     Fill in the login and password and click "Login".

     When you are finished, please be sure to logout.