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Network Upgrade 4/12/2005

     Forgive me if you received multiple copies of this.  Fingers aren't

     Tuesday at 11pm Pacific Daylight Time, we will be upgrading the two
10-base-T (10mb/s x 2) connections where our equipment is co-located to
100-base-T (100mb/s x 2) in conjunction with a move of our circuits from a
Cisco gateway router to a Juniper.

     We attempted to move the circuits to the Juniper router last week but the
Juniper apparently has a bug running 10-base-T half-duplex on the particular
hardware they have in place.

     So upgrading to 100-base-T will both provide a work-around for the bug and
additional bandwidth for us.

     If things go as planned there will be no outages as we will route all
traffic to one interface, change out the card and move the circuit on the
other, then route traffic to it and move the remaining.

     The cards are in theory hot-swappable, however, in the past I've had the
router crash when I changed them, so theory is wonderful and everything but
there is the possibility of brief outages (about 1-2 minutes) while the router
reboots if this occurs.

     If all goes well with the circuit move there will be some additional
downtime to replace the router chassis with a larger chassis that can
accomodate more cards and installing additional servers.