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Jave SSH and Internet Explorer

      If you use Internet Explorer with the Web SSH client we have available
now, you will need the J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 which you can download at
the following URL:

     This is about a 15 megabyte download, so it will take some time if you
are on a dialup connection, maybe 10-15 minutes or so.

     After the download completes you'll have a bluish icon with some little
weird shaped things that look something like the next generation star trek
communicators but no text that gives you a clue what it is later when you
forget about it (good human engineering there).

     Click on that, answer affirmative to the do you want to install this, and
after it completes re-start Internet Explorer.  After that the Web ssh terminal
link on our home page will function.

     Firefox, Netscape, and Mozilla all worked for me as installed without
having to do this however Carl also needed this for Firefox so depending upon
how you installed Firefox you may or may not need this.