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American Express Payments Now Accepted!

     For your convienience, in addition to Visa and MasterCard credit and
debit card payments, we now also accept American Express.

     This isn't on the website yet but it is available.

     Also, a note regarding credit card payments, we can do automatic
recurring billing for those of you who desire automatic account renewal
without the hassle of manual intervention.

     One other note; we don't have a shopping cart on the website yet but it's
in the works.  In the meantime, please call customer support at
(206) 812-0051 or (800) 246-6874 and they can take the necessary information
over the phone to process a payment or setup automatic recurring billing.

     We can also debit checking accounts electronically but this requires a
signed letter of authorization from you.  If you would like to do this you
can fax to (206) 812-0054.

     Thank you!

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