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Secure IMAP Mail Access

     One of the problems the Internet presents is the ability for traffic to be
"sniffed".  Cable modems for example can "see" all of the traffic on the same
cable segment, this can be anywhere from 100-1000 users traffic, Cisco routers
have a command that allows traffic to/from a given IP to be copied to a third
IP for monitoring, various spyware exists that infects PC's allowing traffic to
be monitoried, etc.

     If you have important information you use e-mail to communicate and your
connection is not secure such as financial data, technology secrets, or other
proprietary information, you can now access your e-mail here via Secure IMAP
which encrypts the data between your mail application and our server so that it
can't be intercepted en-route.

     To do this you need a mail client that support Secure IMAP.  Configure it
to utilize port 993 on  Port 993 is the secure port.

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