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PHP Fix / WordPress - Blogging

     I have been trying to get a Blog for a long time, and one program I tried
to get to run here was WordPress.

     Eric discovered a bug in PHP that was causing it to core dump on
WordPress.  That is now fixed and WordPress now installs successfully and
appears to function.

     I know there were several of you that had tried to get it operating
before, it should install now if you try again.

     Another resource for those of you interesting in blogging is

     By default, publishes on, which is free, but
tacks on advertisements and somewhat restricts content.

     However, blogger can be used to publish here and then you no longer have
the advertisements (or you can use your own, such as Google's AdSense, or other
similiar programs and get some revenue from your site), and not have any
content restrictions other than those imposed by law.

     To use first decide what directory you want your blog to
reside in, this will ultimately determine the URL, if you want the blog to BE
your website, then put it under public_html if it is general content or
adult_html if it is adult.  If you want it to be a part of your website but not
THE website, then put it under a subdirectory of public_html or adult_html.

     For example, I have my main blog under public_html/blog (I've actually
decided to start several so I can focus on specific areas on some of them).

     Then on under the publishing tab select FTP publishing,
specify '' as the FTP server, and your host login and password
here for the ftp login and password.

     Then you have to specify a directory which will be relative to your home
directory, so for example, I specified:


     You don't have to specify the full path because it will be relative to
your home directory.

     Then you need to specify a filename, usually that would be:


     Please note, you need to create the directory in advance and give it the
appropriate permissions:

	mkdir public_html
	mkdir public_html/blog
	chmod 755 public_html public_html/blog

     And if the file already exists, will overwrite it when you

     After you do this, every time you select publish on blogger, it will
update the files in the directory.  This process is really quick, only takes a
couple of seconds to publish.

     The service works perfectly with our hosting and it's very simple to use,
but it is somewhat picky about what browser you use (current Firefox works
best, older Mozilla does not work, I haven't tried others).

     But WordPress,, which is GPL is also an option here now
if you want to create a blog.

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