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     We now have ATT / SBC DSL available.

     Unlike Qwest DSL, these prices are combined telco loop plus ISP
charges, you will not receive a seperate telco DSL cahrge for these.

     SBC / ATT DSL Pricing:

     Note 1: These prices are all inclusive in SBC / ATT Territory.
It includes both the telco loop and ISP charges and you will receive
one DSL Internet Access bill from us rather than separate bills from
ATT and us.

     Note 2: If you do not already have a DSL modem there is a one-time
$60 charge for a basic DSL modem.  Units with additional functionality
will be available for slightly higher price which I will list shortly.  
Please be sure to tell us wether have a DSL modem or need to order one.

     Note 3: AT&T DSL rate structure isn't completely uniform, there are
four LATAs in California 730, 732, 722, 738 (please note although these
may overlap area codes, a LATA covers multiple area codes) and one in
Texas 566, where the pricing and capabilities are different.  In these
LATAs the pricing will be less but capabilities are also less and speed
options are different.  The first charge will be ATT TAS which is
everything but these five LATAs, the second chart will address those LATAs

     KEY: "AP" is the AutoPay rate, "1T" is the one-time individual 
payment rate. For periods of a year the are the same.  Autopay is not 
available on terms longer than one year.

     If you are in TX and do not know what LATA you are in, don't worry,
we can determine that when we prequalify your line. We will then contact 
you with available speed and pricing.

     AT&T TAS - Available In CA,NV,TX,OK,KS,AR,MO,IN,OH,MI,WI,IL

     Speed        Monthly      QTR      HALF      1YR     2YR    3YR
                   AP/1T      AP/1T     AP/1T    AP/1T    1T     1T
    1.5M/384K     $27/29     $78/84    $150/153  $288    $552   $792

     ATT - Available In CA LATA 730, 732, 722, 738 and TX LATA 566

     Speed        Monthly      QTR      HALF      1YR     2YR    3YR
                   AP/1T      AP/1T     AP/1T    AP/1T    1T     1T     
    768/384K      $22/24     $63/69   $120/123   $228    $432   $612
    1.5M/384K     $23/25     $66/72   $126/129   $240    $456   $648
    1.5-3M/512K   $31/33     $90/96   $174/177   $336    $648   $936
    3M-6M/768K    $50/52    $147/153  $288/291   $564   $1104  $1620

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