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Covad DSL

     Covad DSL Pricing:

     Note 1: These prices are all inclusive. It includes both the telco
loop and ISP charges.

     Note 2: If you do not already have a DSL modem there is a one-time
$60 charge for a basic DSL modem.  Units with additional functionality
will be available for slightly higher price which I will list shortly.  
Please be sure to tell us wether have a DSL modem or need to order one.

     KEY: "AP" is the AutoPay rate, "1T" is the one-time individual 
payment rate. For periods of a year the are the same.  Autopay is not 
available on terms longer than one year.

     Covad is not an ILEC based DSL carrier. They have DSL available in
many locations ILEC (incumbant telephone company) service is not

     Covad has a minimum 1-year term and a $150 early termination fee.

     Speed        1YR     2YR    3YR
                 AP/1T    1T      1T
    1.5M/128K    $348    $672   $1008
    3.0M/384K    $348    $672   $1008
    6.0M/768K    $408    $792   $1152

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