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Video on Eskimo North BBS

     If you haven't checked out the Eskimo North BBS lately, I've added
new things to it, one of which is the ability to post videos from and

     The latter is super-cool because, unlike youtube, gofish, 
google video, myspace, and pretty much any of the others that I am aware 
of, allows you to upload high resolution high quality and 
unlimited length videos and now, you can use this and embed videos in your 
post on our BBS, high quality and of any length, you can even display them 
full screen when you view them.

     You'll find instructions for including videos in your posts here:

     Now you aren't restricted to telling someone, you can SHOW them, and 
you aren't restricted to low quality 384k video streams, you can have 
video quality up to T1 1.5mb/s speeds. is unique in that it uses peer-to-peer networking to 
distribute the videos, thus it's bandwidth automatically grows with the 
user base, and this allows it not to have to be stringy with bandwidth 
allowing high quality video. doesn't place a restriction on the length of your vidoes 
either. If you want to produce a 4 hour documentary you can.  And then you 
can embed that video in messages on the Eskimo North BBS:

     The Eskimo North BBS is free to Eskimo North subscribers and 
non-subscribers, and is also free.  So it costs you ZERO to 
participate in this.  Check it out!