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Viruses and Mail Issues

     There are a number of new Windows viruses circulating that allow spammers
to utilize infected Windows machines for a variety of nafarious purposes such
as relaying spam, denial of service attacks, and IP laundering where they go
through an infected Windows box to hide their true origin while doing something
else illegal.

     If you run a Windows machine, PLEASE be sure you run anti-viral software
such as AVG free anti-viral software:

     (We have no connection with, it just happens to be a package
that has worked well for me and when it's removed viruses it's done so without
destroying the operating system, which is a problem I've had with other

     Be sure you keep the database up to date and run the checker frequently.
I recommend checking for updates and running it daily.  It can be schedualed to
do this automatically.

     On your mail program, please do not check the "leave mail on server"
option, doing so will cause your mail to accumulate in your INBOX here
resulting in large ineffecient transfers every time you check mail.  If you
want to save mail, save it in a folder other than your INBOX.

     Outlook and Outlook Express have a built-in timeout, and if your mailbox
gets too large it will result in a timeout that aborts the transfer
ungracefully and leaves a hung session on our end causing subsequent mail
checks to fail.  So it is particularly important that you do not allow large
amounts of mail to accumulate if you use these programs.

     Please also be sure that you keep up to date on any Windows updates.

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