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Qwest Free Speed Promotion

     Qwest is presently having a promotion where if you commit to two years,
you can get the silver (1.5M/1M) circuit for $21.95/month for life.

     Eskimo North is also having a promotion where if you subscribe or extend
your Qwest DSL subscription for a year, you can get a free speed increase, or
pay the next lower speed if you stay with what you have.  If you subscribe for
two years, you can get two speed notches free, three years, three.

     This is conditioned on your line qualifying for the higher speeds of
coarse, and if there is no lower speed you have to pay for at least the 256K

     This sale is good through the end of this year.  After that it depends on
what Qwest does and other variables.

     I've redesigned the main web page, going to do so for all the peripheral
pages as well, but I designed around 1280 pixels as a minimal horizontal
resolution without scrolling.  I'm not sure what percentage of our customers
are still using older equipment incapable of that resolution and may reconsider
the layout if it proves problematic for too many people.

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