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Mail - procmail rules and rblcheck - GONE AND DEAD!

     I received numerous calls from people not receiving e-mail this weekend.
Many people have procmail rules doing custom mail handling for them including
additional spam checking.

     One common check is to check against various blackholes using a utility
called rblcheck.  The utility had a default list of RBL's it checks, one of
whcih was; ordb is GONE, and consequently this check failed.

     I have recompiled rblcheck to both upgrade from version 1.4 to version 1.5
(which has a highly defective configure and make script but that's another
story).  There is no default list of RBL's anymore, you need to specify any
that you want checked explicitly.

     If you have procmail rules that use rblcheck, if you use the default, you
will need to alter your rules to explicitly specify RBL lists as there is no
longer a default set of lists.  If you are using rblcheck with the ordb RBL,
you will need to remove that RBL from your ruleset.

     Any mail that is missing is gone wherever you routed it with procmail if
the ordb RBL blocked the address.  So if you routed to a spambox, it will be

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