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[AB-C21523256V] (Please FIX YOUR SERVER) Best Trading Signal I'veEver Seen (fwd)

     This in a nutshell is why we have problems receiving e-mail from

     I send them a spam, with full headers, with a forged domain relayed
through their server and a request to fix, and this is what we get for a

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 04:17:00 -0600
Subject: [AB-C21523256V] (Please FIX YOUR SERVER) Best Trading Signal I've Ever
    Seen (fwd)

This is an automated response to confirm receipt of your email to the Verizon Abuse email box. Please do not reply to this message. 

Unfortunately, we cannot investigate or respond to each email that we receive, but we will attempt to identify and review those emails where we think action is needed.

If your email relates to child pornography or child exploitation, please note that you can also make a report directly to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children through its CyberTipline located at

If your email relates to copyright or trademark issues, please visit our website at and follow the directions there for submitting a report relating to possible instances of infringement.

If your email relates to an Internet website or service not offered by Verizon, please contact the provider of that website or service directly; Verizon is unlikely to be able to assist with matters relating to another providerís service.

Helpful Information:  To help protect yourself against phishing and identity theft scams, Verizon Online strongly advises that you never click on links offered in email messages you receive.  Instead, manually type the URl (link address) into a new web browser window.  This will help protect you from being diverted to a hidden website that is not the one you intended to go to.  For more information about online safety, please visit our Safety and Security page at
Thank you for sending your report.

Verizon Online Security