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     We have a new server that will soon host virtual servers and serve a
variety of functions.

     An error I made attempting to integrate this server was what resulted in
the downtime on eskimo's shell server.  We use a non-standard NFS port and I
neglected to specify that in the fstab file.  SunOS handles that situation
rather ungracefully I'm afraid.  Ultimately to get rid of hung processes I had
to reboot the machine but owing to some file system errors, it did not
successfully boot, necessitating a trip to the co-location facility.

     But that is resolved, and we'll be transferring some services to this box,
and eventually the main shell server will become a virtual server on this
machine.  I will run an additional shell server on one of the UltraSparc boxes
for compatibility with SunOS legacy software and Sparc Linux software.

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