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Mail Viruses

     I had to reboot mail due to an NFS hang today, yesterday I had to hard
boot it because it hung.

     In the last few days the volume of spam and viruses have grown by
orders of magnitude.  I don't know what the cause is, perhaps someone has
uncovered yet another exploit in Windows.
     At any rate; this is taxing the old server significantly and is
causing increased instability.

     The long term fix for this is new servers here, the network servers
will have spamcop and clam-av that will eliminate a lot of this garbage up
front, the client server will be significantly more robust and better
equipped to handle whatever comes it's way.

     But in the meantime, please be sure your anti-virus software database
and windows updates are all up to date to limit the propogation of this
stuff as much as possible.

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