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Maintenance Outage Window 5/25/2013 12:00AM - 1:00AM

     I will be doing some system reboots and taking various machines down for
imaging and to test start up scripts Just after midnight early saturday

     There will be an initial outage of about ten minutes that involves pretty
much everything while the main file server is rebooted.  Then the web server
and shellx will be taken down for about twenty minutes each for imaging and to
test and debug start-up scripts.

     After this other servers will be taken down, imaged, and rebooted but this
will not be service affecting as other services are duplicated.

     Maintenance should be completed around 1AM but most service affecting
maintenance will be finished by 12:30AM.

     Other than during the initially reboot of the main file server, will be available as an alternative to while
it is being imaged.

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