Eskimo North

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2-for-1 Host Services Sale


    For a limited time, purchase any hosting product and get the dollar
equivalent in another hosting product free. This includes shell or
remote computing accounts, virtual domains, and hosting packages.

    At least one of the products must be a new hosting service. A shell
remote computing account, virtual domain, or business or personal web
hosting package. Use this promotion to bring a friend. It also applies
if you are purchasing additional services for yourself.

    You can purchase any length of subscription for these products and
will get an equivalent dollar amount towards other hosting products

    This promotion does not include dial, ISDN, or DSL access products.


    Between 2012 and 2013, I rebuilt Eskimo North's hosting infrastructure
eliminating crashes and lag. I upgraded all of the hardware to custom
built Intel i7-2600 platforms. I upgraded the operating system to the
current release of CentOS 6.4. I added many more capabilities such as
SSL for the web and mail servers and a graphical access to shell

    I sized the new infrastructure for ten times the current number of
customers and designed it to be scalable. Our fixed costs are high but
our incremental costs very low. The more customers we have, the lower
our costs per customer and our pricing will reflect this. Bringing
more customers to Eskimo North will result in lower pricing for


    Apply for a new shell account or contact customer support at +1 206
8120051 or by e-mail to setup a new virtual domain
or business or personal web hosting package.

    When you make payment, mention that you would like to take advantage
of the two for one sale, let us know the existing and new service, pay
for one, and the equivalent dollar amount will also be applied towards
the other.