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I am Robert Dinse otherwise known as Nanook. I started Eskimo originally as a BBS near the very end of 1991. It became a Xenix (Microsoft port of Unix, later an SCO port of Unix) in 1985, then early in 1992, an Internet Service Provider. Over the years since becoming an ISP I've focused on the hosting side of things because these products I can provide directly where as access involves reselling some other providers services which has lead to quality issues in recent years.

In the early years we had a very good sense of community. In part that was due to the fact that everybody in the early years was really into computers. You had to be because your options were either to build one yourself or spend $3,000 early 80's dollars on one.

I would like to think that sense of community could still be possible, even though our interests these days are much more varied, we still use computers in the pursuit of many of those interests and we're still all human. Well most, some have evolved into cell-phone zombies.

Anyway, I want Eskimo to be something that is useful and valuable to you and I want you to help determine it's direction. Unlike major corporations where they create something and then hire a huge marketing staff to convince you that you can't live with out it, I've tried to understand your needs and then create something to fill them. Your participation here can help me to understand those needs.

So please take a moment and introduce yourself.


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