intro: dogman

Please take a moment to post an introduction. Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests. Thank you.

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intro: dogman

Post by dogman » Thu Dec 10, 2015 2:26 pm

My real name is Matt, I'm a self taught programmer and open source nut located in New Zealand. After applesoft basic the second language I learned was C using a set of notes from a guy called Steve Summit. The notes had a plug in them for an isp with "eskimo" in the name. So that's how I got here assuming it's the same place. The closest I've ever been to the pacific northwest is Vancouver island.

In the new year I'll be starting a computer science degree and working on my own project too which is around my domain and aims to 1. do something useful for people in my community and 2. develop a modest income stream for myself because I'm so broke.

My computer experience is mainly C++ programming using the qt libraries. There are many areas where I lack knowledge eg networking, systems admin, web programming, so maybe I can pick up some tips here as I go.

Cheers, Matt.

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