Researchers use radio waves to wirelessly monitor sleep patterns

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Researchers use radio waves to wirelessly monitor sleep patterns

Post by jessica » Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:43 am

MIT researchers have unveiled a new method for wirelessly monitoring sleep. The whole thing works a bit like echolocation — radio waves are beamed off a sleeping subject and changes in the body are detected when they bounce back.

The research is the latest in a number of different activities the team has been monitoring using low-power radio waves. Thanks to new AI technology, the system is now able to translate subtle movement into meaningful information about the subject’s sleep patterns, including sleep stages (light/deep/R.E.M.), movement and breathing rate.

Testing was conducted on 25 volunteers over 100 nights of sleep. Study lead professor Dina Katabi tells TechCrunch that the system was able to detect sleep patterns with around an 80 percent accuracy rate — roughly the same as industry-standard EEG sleep tests.
While little conclusive research has been done on sleep tracking through wearables like Fitbit and the Apple Watch, those products rely almost exclusively on movement detected by an accelerometer to determine sleep patterns.

“Wearables are great, but our vision was to have something we call ‘invisibles,’ ” says Katabi. “It’s a device that disappears into the background of your home, but at the same time, monitors any sort of health problems, just using wireless signals.”

including movement, breathing and pulse rate. It does all that while staying out of the way, placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall a few meters away from the sleeper.

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