Dedicated IP Address

We provide each domain with it's own dedicated IP address. This has a number of advantages:

  • It enabled the forward and inverse DNS to correctly match. If you look up you'll get a specific IP address. If you then look up this address it will correctly point back to your domain.
  • Some firewall software will check DNS as an anti-spoofing measure. If the DNS does not match, the connection will be blocked.
  • Older browsers will not send the domain name and will not work with hosting companies that share an IP address across multiple domains.
  • A dedicated IP makes it possible to use SSL on your domain. If you purchase an SSL certificate, we can install it on your domain so that users can get a secure connection.
  • A dedicated IP allows faster service because our webserver doesn't have to look up a domain, it can serve the correct pages based upon the connecting IP address immediately.
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