Web Server Maintenance

     I’m going to attempt an upgrade of the web server to Ubuntu 19.10 tonight.  This will include an upgrade to PHP 7.3, however, this is likely to break a few things initially.  If web mail is not working late tonight, be patient.  Typically PHP makes syntactical changes that requires the upgrading of some applications but it is impossible to know which in advance.

     So what I am going to do is take it down for about half an hour this evening to make a current backup in case I can not get all the applications to work with 7.3 and we need to back out.  Like most PHP upgrades, newer versions are faster and therefore preferable if we can get all the applications to work.


     When I installed the new mail server, I changed the ownership of smartlists from “smartlist” to “list” because the newer Linux distros use a different permissions scheme.

     However, some files, like the “dist” file were inadvertently changed to and this broke the ability for people to administer their lists.

     I am working on correcting this but it involves restoring from backups so your lists will be in a state they were in last Saturday or possibly the week before when all is said and done.  I apologize for this, I made the mistake of doing chown -R list.list /usr/smartlist when I should have done something like find /usr/smartlist -user smartlist -exec chown list.list {} \;