Shellx IRC Applications

My biggest interest in computers is in their ability to facilitate communications between humans. Consequently, I strive to provide the best computer communications facilities possible and that includes Internet Relay Chat. If there is something you'd like to see on our shell servers that isn't here now, please e-mail

Applications which have a path, "Applications->Internet->Something", are graphical applications and require that you access our shellx server using the graphical user interface. Applications which are a simple name without a path are command line applications and can be accessed by making an ssh to our shell server and typing the command in at the command line prompt.

CenterIM is a multi-protocol instant messenger client that happens to also support IRC. It's main purpose is ICQ and it's best suited to that. It can be used from the GUI and can also be used in text mode, without the need for a graphical desktop, by typing 'centerim' at a shell prompt.
Konversation is a graphical KDE IRC client. It supports scripting via Unix shell scripts. It is capable of connecting to multiple servers with multiple identities. It can handle different encodings in each channel. Konversation is an okay client for conversational use.
KVirc is an extremely capable visual IRC client. It features it's own scripting language which is a full blown object oriented programming language in addition to Perl scripting. It also has floatable windows, drag-n-drop status bar editing, support for multiple server connections, notify and ignore lists, a lag meter, and configurable logging. It has themes which can either be scripted or configured via a graphical user interface. It is aesthetically pleasing. It is well suited to both the beginner or casual IRC user and advanced IRC power users.
XChat is a graphical IRC client that is available for both Linux and Windows users. It featurs Python and Perl scripting. It's somewhat minimalist relative to more full features programs like KVirc but it is still a reasonably capable IRC client.
BIP is a general purpose IRC proxy. If you're in China or behind a corporate firewall or some place else that doesn't allow you outgoing connections to port 6667 used for IRC, a way around this is to run bip here; and set up an SSH tunnel to connect to it from behind your corporate or government firewall. Use for purposes illegal in the United States will result in account termination so don't use this for anything illegal.
BitchX is easily the most popular Unix IRC client out there and for good reason. It is both simple to use and powerful. It originally was a script written for the original ircii client but converted into a program of it's own. It has a powerful scripting language that allows it to act as a bot as well as an interactive client.
BitlBee is an IRC to instant messenger gateway. If you run an IRC client and would like to handle instant messenging via that same client, this allows you to do that. You fire it up and it looks like an IRC server to your IRC client. It understands Jabber/GoogleTalk, MSN Instant Messenger, AIM and ICQ, and Twitter microblogging. It is running on shellx. You can connect to it by specifying port 6667 as an IRC server in your IRC client.
Eggdrop is easily the most popular IRC bot on the net. It is modular in design and features TCL scripting capabilities. Eggdrop can be used to control channel access, to facilitate games, to log channel events, and for many other purposes.
Epic stands for Enhanced Programmable IRCii Client. It is very similiar to the old 'irc' Unix IRC client. There is a man page online and the epic help files are available so you can type /help topic within the client and receive help on a particular topic.
IRSII is a full screen termcap based IRC client. It is highly modular and highly scriptable making it a popular choice for automating IRC functions. Visit their web page, if for no other reason than to enjoy the funny video. This is really a client for people who like to script and do complex things with irc, not so much for your casual user.
PicoIRC is a small embeddable IRC client. Communications with the parent application is provided via an applications callback procedure. This is not an application that you would use stand-alone but something you would use in a TCL script to provide a client capability.
PISG is Perl IRC Statistics Generator. This is a perl based IRC log file processor that takes raw IRC logs as input and generates useful statistics. It can be configured either by command line arguments or a configuration file. See the website for usage details. There is also a man page online, 'man pisg' for details.
This a python IRC bot that claims extensibility, configurability, and clarity amoungst it's strong points. Unfortunately, this can't be said for any of it's supporting websites that I've found to date. None the less, it's here available for your use.
ZNC is an advanced IRC bouncer. This particular proxy has the advantage of being able to maintain a connection to an IRC server even while you've disconnected with your client. It is an effecient bouncer written in C but supports perl and tcl modules.
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