Secure Internet Access

While we support the use of telnet, rlogin, and VNC access, these methods do not encrypt your session and can be intercepted by anyone with access to the data as it transverses the Internet. This includes other people near a wireless hotspot, backbone company employees, government and corporate spies, hackers, etc.

We recommend that you use ssh for command line sessions and NX for remote desktop sessions as these methods fully encrypt all of your session making it impossible for someone in the middle to intercept sensitive data such as credit card information or passwords.

Getting Past Filters and Firewalls

If you have a cable company that has blocked access to certain content providers, such as NetFlix, because they don't like other content competing with their own content, such as exorbitantly priced pay-per-view or on-demand programming, you can use this service as a way of bypassing that block.

We caution you not to use this service for anything illegal. We certainly will turn over information if ordered to do so by courts and if we catch you using our service illegally, your account will be terminated without refund.

Immunity From Viruses and Malware

How often have you been browsing the web only to pick up a virus or some other obnoxious malware and then had to spend time and money to clean that junk out of your system?

Linux provides a great deal of immunity to this sort of thing because the end user does not have the necessary permissions to modify system files and thus viruses and malware can't get in and alter the system. Connecting with an NX session and then firing up Firefox, Chrome, or Opera here is a safe way to browse without risk to your computer.

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