You don't have to use the host services bundled with your Internet Access. These are some reasons you may want to use ours instead.

Human Help
You will reach a knowledgable caring human being in the United States. Telephone support is available 9am-9pm every day. We are happy to assist you! No phone trees, no robots!
If you use your access providers e-mail or host services, you lose your e-mail and web address when you switch. With an Eskimo shell, you can switch providers or use multiple providers and retain the same e-mail address and webspace.
Our services can be accessed with encryption. Securely access your data even over insecure facilities. Don't travel with sensitive data on your laptop. Use a thin client to access a remote desktop and your data here over an encrypted communications session. If your laptop is lost or stolen, your data remains safe.
Stability and Reliability
We are using modern 64 bit Intel hardware, CentOS Linux, and current versions of applications to provide the most stable and reliable computing environment possible. Your data is backed up weekly. We are privately owned and have been under the same ownership since 1982 so you don't have to worry about your services changing in a corporate takeover.
Save Money
Our service includes office applications, educational programs, web development facilities, program development facilities, communications facilities, engineering and scientific applications, games, and more. It's included with the service so you don't have to buy and keep these applications up to date. All this for only $7/month or $84/year.
Visual Shell
In addition to text-mode access via ssh, telnet, or rlogin, you can also get full graphical access to a remote desktop on our server using nx, opennx, or vnc (tunnelled over ssh for security).
Eskimo North • P.O. Box 55816 • Shoreline, WA 98155 • Tel: 206-812-0051 • Toll Free: 800-246-6874