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Windows 7 Internet Setup

Create a New Dial-Up Connection

Taskbar Shortcut
Control Panel
Network Sharing Center Link

Click the Networking taskbar icon, and choose "Network Sharing Center".

Control Panel

Click the Start menu, and choose "Control Panel".

Skip to steps below. Network and Internet

In the Control Panel, choose "Network and Internet".

Skip to steps below. Network and Sharing Center

In the "Network and Internet" list, choose "Network and Sharing Center" link.

In the Network and Sharing Center, select "Set up a new connection or network", and choose "Set up a dial-up connection" and "Next" on the second screen.

Set up a new connection

Set up a dial-up connection

Next comes the phone number to dial into.  Local numbers can be found separated by state/province on our 56k Dial Access page.  Dashes are not needed.  It also asks for your dialup username and password (with an option to see the characters to avoid typos) and whether you want the connection available to all users of the computer.  It then asks for a name for the connection, such as "Eskimo North", "Eskimo 56k", or something else you want to remember the connection name with.  Click "Create" to continue after typing the name.

Create Dial-up Connection

Connecting to the Internet

Once a connection is created above, connecting should be available in the Networking shortcut in the status bar, showing the name the connection was created with with a telephone icon next to it (the computer used in these screen shots had no modem, so shows a red "X" below).

Connect to...