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Windows XP Internet Setup

The screenshots below are from XP Home; XP Professional may be different but should generally follow the same screens.

Create a New Dial-Up Connection

To create a new Network Connection, click Start, then Control Panel.

Start / Control Panel

Depending on the format of the Control Panel (default vs. classic), it may look like either of the below:

Default View
Classic View
Default Control Panel

In the default view, choose "Network and Internet Connections".

Control Panel Classic

In the Classic view, choose "Network Connections".

Setup or change your Internet connection

In the default view, choose "Setup or change your Internet connection" from the center list.

Create a new connection

In the Classic view, choose "Create a new connection" from the side list.


The default view opens the "Internet Properties", so click the "Setup" button to continue to the "New Connection Wizard".

The Classic view opens directly into the "New Connection Wizard", continued below.

In the Internet Connection Wizard, click "Next" past the intro screen, and choose "Connect to the Internet" and "Next" on the second screen.

Internet Connection Wizard (1)

Internet Connection Wizard (2)

On the next two screens, choose "Setup my connection manually" and "Connect using a dial-up modem", clicking "Next" after each.

Internet Connection Wizard (3)

Internet Connection Wizard (4)

Next it will ask for a name for the connection, such as "Eskimo North", "Eskimo 56k", or something else you want to remember the connection name with.  Click "Next" to continue after typing the name.

Internet Connection Wizard (5: Name)

Next comes the phone number to dial into.  Local numbers can be found separated by state/province on our 56k Dial Access page.  Dashes are not needed.  There's another "Next" to continue after typing the number.

New Connection Wizard (6: Number)

The next screen asks for your dialup username and password (twice to verify against typos) and whether you want the connection available to all users of the computer and whether you want it to be the default connection.  One more "Next" to continue.

New Connection Wizard (7: Username/Password)

And the last screen confirms some of the information and asks whether you want a shortcut icon on your desktop.  This last screen uses a "Finish" button to complete the setup.

New Connection Wizard (8: Finish)

Connecting to the Internet

Once a connection is created above, connecting should be available in the Start menu under the "Connect to..." option, showing the name the connection was created with.

Connect to...

This will open a window to confirm info and have a "Dial" button to dial out and use the entered username and password to connect.

Modify an Existing Dial-Up Connection

You may need to modify some of the parameters in your dial-up connection to successfully connect to the Internet. Review the following information to make any changes: