Eskimo North  

Email Settings for Eskimo North Users

Protocol Server Name Port(s)
POP3 (incoming) 110
Secure POP3 (incoming) 995
IMAP4 (incoming) 143
SMTP (outgoing, see note) 25, 587, 2525

We are now using what is known as POP-before-SMTP authentication, after you do a POP3 session from an IP you will be able to send mail from that IP.

The old way required identd, unfortunately identd generally is difficult to make work over NAT which is getting used more and more as users migrate towards broadband. The old way also didn't absolutely stop spammers from using our servers to relay spam, if they were smart enough to run identd they could still relay through us.

POP-before-SMTP doesn't allow relaying unless a user authenticates via POP first.

If you are having difficulty when sending to the default SMTP port (25) of '', try setting your software to use port 2525 -- some dialup providers and other networks with firewalls block outgoing connections to port 25.

Software Screen Shots

Eudora Light 3.0

Netscape Messenger 4.5
(Messenger is the mail/news component of Communicator.)

Outlook Express 4

Email Filtering on Eskimo North

Using Procmail on Eskimo North
John R. Petersen (jrp2)

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