Eudora OSE 1.0 Account Setup

  1. Open Eudora.

    This image 
is the opening screen for Eudora.  It consists of a text menu at the top 
with the pull-down menus for File, Edit, View, Go, Mailbox, Message, 
Transfer, Tools, and Help.  That is followed by a graphical menu showing a 
Trashcan, In Bin, Out Bin, a colored envelope with a little green thing in 
the upper left corner, and then three more greyed out envelopes with a 
left single arrow, a right double arrow, and a right single arrow.  The 
envelopes are followed by an up arrow, a down arrow, a book, and a 
printer, and then a blue screen and a searchbox.
  2. In the Tools pull-down menu, select Account Settings.

    This image 
is the same opening screen but with the Tools pull-down menu selected, and 
Account Settings selected from within that pull-down menu.
  3. Near the bottom of the left paine there is a small pull-down menu labled Account Actions. Select Add Mail Account from this pull-down menu.

    This image 
is the Account Settings screen.  Of particular interest is the bottom of 
the left panel there is a small pull-down menu labeled Account Actions.  
Here we pull down this menu and select Add Mail Account.
  4. In the Mail Account Setup window that pops up, fill in your name, e-mail address, and password. If your computer is private and secure, then I also suggest that you check the Save Password box below. If you do not check Save Password, then you will be prompted for your password each time you send and retrieve e-mail. After you fill these in, press the Continue button.

    If you are using an address, put your address in as so that the auto-configure will find the correct servers, then change it after auto-configuration has completed.

    This image 
is the Accounts Settings screen with the Mail Account Setup box overlying 
it.  This box has three input boxes for your name, e-mail address, and 
password.  Following this it has a checkbox for Save Password which we 
recommend you check unless you are in an insecure location or using a 
public machine, otherwise you will need to supply a password each time you 
send and retrieve e-mail.
  5. At this point Eudora has found the server and ports and selected working settings. These settings will result in a fully encrypted e-mail session. At this point you can push the Create Account button and you are done! You can make your mail session authenticate just a fraction of a second faster by selecting Manual Configure and then changing the incoming port to 993 and the encryption to SSL/TLS, however it will function just fine as is.

    This image 
is the Mail Account Setup box after you have pressed continue and it has 
found the servers and ports.  At this point, you just need to click the 
Create Account button in the lower right and you're done!
  6. You're Done!

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