Mail Support

Mail Service

Our new mail infrastructure provides fast, reliable, secure, and flexible service.

Efficient software and fast hardware service your mail requests at wire speed.

Our new state of the art platform provides exceptional stability. We have been providing Internet services under the same ownership since 1992. If you want a stable e-mail address, this is the place.

Our mail service is flexible. You can access mail via pop3, pop3s, imap, imaps, webmail, and shell mail programs such as pine, elm, mutt. You can also use graphical mail clients via our GUI shell interface.

You can whitelist or blacklist individual addresses or domains, adjust spam threshold sensitivity, and adjust filtering rules. You can discard spam or send it to a separate spam box. You can automate mail processing using procmail rules and an extensive set of Linux utilities.

Our server supports multiple simultaneous IMAP connections resolving mailbox changes from multiple devices. This makes our service an excellent choice for people who access their e-mail through multiple devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Our site supports encrypted mail sessions. Mail to and from other Internet sites is encrypted if those sites support TLS encryption.

We do not sell or give your mail to third parties. We do not mine your data. We respect your privacy.

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