Thunderbird Account Setup

  1. Open Thunderbird. Click on "Create a new account".

    This image 
is the Local Folders window of Thunderbird.  The top of this window has 
Local Folders on the tab, and then below it Get Mail, Write, Chat, 
Address Book, then a vertical divider followed by Tag, Quickfilter, and 
a search box.  There are two pains below this, Local Folders on the left 
with any subscribed local folders, and on the right pain two sections, 
Accounts and Advanced Features.  Under Accounts is View Settings For 
This Account and Create Account.  Push the Create Account button.
  2. Click on the "Skip This and Use My Existing Email" button in the lower left of this screen.

    This image 
is essentially an advertisement for Gandi and Hover.  Press the Skip 
This and Use My Existing Email button in the lower left of the screen.
  3. Fill in your User Name, E-mail address, and Password. If your computer is secure and private, you may also want to click the Save Password checkbox, otherwise you will be prompted for your password each time you send or retrieve e-mail. Press the "Continue" button.

    If you are using an e-mail address, enter your e-mail as and then change it after auto-configuration has completed.

    This image 
is the Mail Account Setup screen.  Fill in your Username, E-mail 
address, and Password in the input boxes.  If your computer is secure 
and private, you may wish to click the Remember Password checkbox below.
  4. Thunderbird will now display the server settings it has detected. At this point you can click "Done" and be finished. These settings will provide a fully encrypted e-mail session. Or you could shave a few microseconds off the authentication process by selecting "Manual Config" and changing the incoming port to 993, the outgoing to port 465, and choose SSL/TLS encryption for both.

    The Mail 
Account Setup window now displays the server and e-mail settings that 
Thunderbird has detected.  Click on Done.
  5. You're Done!

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