Mission Statement

Personal History

In order to better understand what I am trying to do with Eskimo North, it is helpful to know a bit of my relevant personal history.

At about ten years of age, I created my first AM radio transmitter. I converted what used to be known as an All-American-5 (5 tube radio) into an AM transmitter and transmitted music to neighbors in the immediate vicinity.

At that age, I knew nothing of the Federal Communications Commission but as I grew older, I began to despise them because, in my view, they prevented the masses from having a voice and I could see the world was a pretty messed up place, the elite few hadn't done such a fine job.

I studied for, and acquired, a 1st Class Radio Telephone operators license in my junior year of high school. Shortly thereafter, a few of my friends were busted by the F.C.C. and while the monetary fines that they received were either small or non-existant, having a 1st phone, I couldn't claim ignorance so penalties were likely to be larger and that license was also at stake.

At one point we petitioned the F.C.C. to allow us to operate a low powered broadcast station. This was long before provisions for low power broadcast were in the rules. Our petition was rejected in spite of a large signature count. Clearly, the F.C.C. didn't give a damn about the publics wants or needs. That hasn't changed in the forty or so years since that time.

I started a computerized bulletin board system, primarily as a means of providing remote access to word processing documents by friends who had created a newsletter talking about pirate radio when it was no longer safe to participate in it.

But the BBS took on a life of it's own, and I began to see that it was another way to provide people with a voice. As the whole field grew, I could see something like the Internet would emerge and in time it would replace conventional broadcasting, now we are in that time.


My mission here at Eskimo North is to provide an economical facility that will give people a voice. I want to be an enabler. I want to provide the tools necessary to creat a top-notch website, the facility to publish it, and help people acquire the knowledge to use those tools.

I want to provide a facility that is as free from censorship as legally possible and at the same time give people a choice with respect to what they want to view so that people aren't unnecessarily offended. This is why I've separated adult content from family safe content but not banned it altogether.

I want people to be able to go as far as their imaginations will take them. Towards that end, I actively pursue capabilities and technologies people request.

While I want people to be able to express their ideas with maximum ease and effectiveness, to be heard far and wide, I also want to keep peoples private data private, and towards that end I've always had an emphasis on security. Recently, I've incorporated encryption capabilities to help protect peoples private communications from unauthorized interception.

Lastly I want to provide top-notch service. Through the latter half of 2012 through the present, I've replaced the majority of Eskimo North's infrastructure with leading edge hardware and software optimized to provide the fastest most flexible service possible.

If you value what I'm doing here, then please bring your friends and relatives, even your pets if they know how to type. The fixed costs of providing a service like this are high, the incremental costs low, so the more customers we provide service to, the lower the costs of providing those services.

Eskimo North • P.O. Box 55816 • Shoreline, WA 98155 • Tel: 206-812-0051 • Toll Free: 800-246-6874